Given that prenups are a relatively new phenomenon in the UK – the first was administered by the Supreme Court in 2011 – it is not uncommon for UK citizens to have questions about them. Here we try to answer the most common questions about marriage contracts; If you do not see your question, please contact one of our team members. In case of divorce If, unfortunately, the marriage does not work and the marriage contract must be executed, working with a lawyer is always the best possible scenario. A lawyer will work with his client and the court to represent the best interests of the client and achieve the best possible outcome for him. If there are problems with the marriage contract, a lawyer can take these issues to court. Conversely, if the marriage contract is strong and a person`s partner is trying to break or circumvent the marriage contract, a lawyer can represent the validity of the marriage contract and ensure that the document is kept and executed. If a prenuptial agreement involves the transfer of a share of real estate (except in a lease), Florida law requires it to be written down with two witnesses at signing. (Remote certification of electronic signatures is sometimes allowed.) Similarly, neither party can argue that they were forced to sign the document if there is a prenuptial witness during the trial. Yes, a well-drafted marriage contract can protect future profits. Those starting a business or facing the prospect of acquiring a family business or other material asset in the future often include a clause on future income in their agreement.

It is important that you present the marriage contract to your spouse well in advance of the marriage and document the contract when your spouse received the contract. A spouse could challenge the marriage contract by stating that he had not entered into the contract voluntarily, that he was under duress at the time of the conclusion of the contract or that he felt obliged to sign the contract. A common argument in challenging a marriage contract is that the agreement was presented just before the wedding and all the guests had been invited, the marriage had been paid, and the spouse felt compelled to enter into the agreement because he or she did not want to cancel the marriage at the last minute. Clearly stating in the marriage contract the date on which the contract was presented to the spouse and when he or she performed the contract will help to avoid disputes in this area. We recommend that the marriage contract be concluded in its entirety at least 30 days before the wedding. The courts may consider whether the provisions contained in a marriage contract are appropriate. If the court finds that the provisions are not appropriate in light of the situation of the parties, it could invalidate the agreement. In addition, only certain aspects of a divorce can be regulated by a marriage contract. For example, you are not allowed to negotiate timeshare or child support for a minor child.

If a marriage contract contains many unenforceable provisions, the marriage contract as a whole could be challenged as unscrupulous. One of the first ways people try to invalidate the prenup is to argue that their signature has been falsified. Of course, if you have a prenuptial witness, this argument will not stand up to the court. Ideally, you want multiple witnesses in case only one witness is not available during your divorce proceedings. As part of the prenup process, your signatures must be attested by two independent persons, one for each party. Witnesses must not be family members, must be over 18 years of age and have full mental capacity. Each witness must sign the document and indicate his name, current address and profession in the fields provided for this purpose. When you sign a prenup, you should take all possible precautions to ensure that your prenup is being tested. The most important thing you can do is to have two witnesses and a notary. However, there are also additional steps you can take to protect the integrity of your prenup. On the one hand, you and your future spouse must be represented by a separate legal advisor when drafting your marriage contract. After all, a prenup is a legal and binding agreement.

If a party is not represented by a lawyer, they could later claim not to know the terms of the contract because they do not have enough legal knowledge to understand it. .