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Motorised / Automatic roller covers for pools

Rollover covers - Roller Covers

There are several available models for these, most of them have a motor, and hard PVC slats which roll out over the pool area.
Some are built into 'pits' , at the end of the pool, at construction stage, and these may have either runners built into the pool edges, or run along a shelf side support. Others may just float along the sides and be supported at the leading edge only, these can be 'in pool' or fitted along one end ( see foto right), with a bench top cover.

The leading edge of the cover also must be supported or locked, as this is the most dangerous part of the cover if left unsecured.

These are the most visually unobtrusive systems, and can be 'retro' fitted into existing pools, either with a poolside, above ground system ( see foto), or, an 'in pool' underwater roller, usually at the deep end.

The PVC slats are very effective solar retention systems, so much so that the solar type slats which are sold by one company cannot be fitted south of the Lisbon/Madrid line, as the temperatures reach such a degree that the plastic can deform with the heat!, only normal slats wil do for the Algarve. Almost as hot as McDonalds coffee!

In The Algarve the usual blue or white slats heat the water considerably on their own, and can save major energy costs with pool heating. They also prevent water evaporation in the summer, and stop the chemicals burning off so quickly.


These systems may have slat supports at the side,or leading edge, and/or locks, to enable them to support the correct weights. Without side supports,or an end clip, the system can allow a body to slip between the edges into the pool. Most covers do not have side runners, which can be ugly and intrusive. But without tensioning the roller slats, the system is subject to sagging underwater if weight is applied to the surface, eg a child!

If the slats roll onto a step, ( ie across the full length of the pool at the shallow end) then they are supported, but if not, or partially ( eg a side or roman step), then for child safety, the slats will need clips to secure them to the side and/or shallow end, so that a child cannot slip underneath the 'loose' leading edge or sides.

Water levels must be constant for these to operate properly, so a water level valve, or a relay in the pool house, must usually be fitted.



motorised roller electric covers

Most of them will support an adult on a rescue mission, and have regulations as to the weight they must support. As they are all made of sealed PVC slats, they are almost all compliant with current regulations.

Costs are the main barrier to these as they usually start at about €9-10.000 for an 8x4m pool with an 'in pool' fitting, add €2000 approx for a ground mounted roller with a bench cover.

starline electric coversstarline motor coversautomatic pool covers

courtesy of Starline pools>> link on picture for details

The only real danger is that children will push the button, the cover closes, and may trap another child in the pool, so the switches must be carefully positioned out of reach of small hands. Some units come with a remote,which should be carefully stored. Also a key lock should be incorporated on the button control for extra security. The new systems require the switch to be mounted at min 1m50, and to have a 'spring return' on the key, not just a push button, so the key must be held in the open or close position, against a spring, to action the motor.

Several systems work with sealed motor units inside the roller, which have a 10 year guarantee in most cases, and the pvc slats will usually last at least 8-10 years..more in many cases. Others can have side mounted roller motor in pits beside the pool, but these can be subject to ground water problems, and drainage is needed, so will not suit all properties.

This is an excellent system , as it is only a button push, most people will use it correctly..just to watch the cover open and close! If you have clips fitted, they must be unclipped,( Duhhh!) before opening.