Removable Fences

These are childproof, durable ( 10 years) , semi transparent, UV resistant, polypropelene  mesh fences, onto ‘Y’ reinforced 30mm  aluminium posts and frames, which clip together, and are removable. It can be stepped, curved, and taken into garden areas .

The gates have full Magna Latch security locks, and are to American and French safety standards. Fully certified by the Spanish testing system, and will then conform to European standards of the highest degree.

These type of fences have been used in the USA for over 20 years now, and have proven effective as a cheap and removable barrier system.

They are fitted into sleeves set into the pool terrace or edges , clip together every approx  5m. 
Each middle panel is approx 1m  and can be 2/3/4/5 m sections.  Gates are 80 cms width.

This systyem is  about half the cost of a fixed fencing system.
The panels can be unhooked , (one or all of them) ,  removed  and rolled up  easily.
More Information on installation of removable fences, and photos, plus how they work

There are several colours available, Black and White are standard , Green, Beige available on order.

Costings will vary, as to the difficulty of fitting, steps, inclines etc but approx €100 per linear meter for level fitting, plus gates at €350 each ( not inc IVA).


Mr and Mrs TA Luz …  …..Thank you Poolsafe for the very prompt attention you gave following our initial enquiry for a demountable safety fence and gate protecting the swimming pool at our villa in Praia da Luz. ….well-constructed and quality products ……….. the various parts came together to form a strong and sturdy fence…..We are delighted how Poolsafe handled our order and and we would strongly recommend that company to any villa owner who has concerns about the safety of their pool especially when young children are involved.