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D&D technologies, based in Frenchs’ Forest Sydney Australia, have long been (in my humble opinion), the world leaders in permanent magnet, self closing latches and locks for swimming pools, play areas, and pet fencing. Their hinges and closures are made with heavy duty materials, and are almost wear proof.. they offer a limited life time warranty, and are failproof,(almost) foolproof, and, more importantly..childproof! They will also keep pets out of dangerous areas.

We will be stocking their full range, for fitting or DIY in our West Albufeira shop ( near Salgados golf course). and will soon have a range of working models for you to see and test, to prove to yourself, their efficiency and strength.

Personal note…The only drawback that I have personally found is that it is impossible to carry drinks, from the house to the pool, and open the gate…without assistance, as two hands are needed… (this is absolutely as it should be..) but please never..never..’prop’ or wedge the gate open if children are around.

A gate, properly fitted with these closures and hinges, will (must!) .be acceptable to any new local legislation, as they are already accepted worldwide, and surpass most requirements, and, even if the local bureacracy goes mad, they cannot surpass these technical requirements…surely?! ( Never say never…..). They are currently used in most of the French market, and have been certified on many types of fencing, to the French AFNOR standards.

I can personally recommend these, as I have used them in Australia, and we have fitted many of them here as well, confident in that they will meet the local architects requirements..they are shake proof, wear proof, and, when properly fitted, work perfectly every time. They have round and square post fittings, come in a range of colours that Henry ford would be proud white and black, and have some shiny new, hi-tech, models for the glass gates,which are recently becoming more popular . They can be fitted by any handyman, and have enough adjustment to correct any slight mis-alignment, or, fence movement and gate sagging over time.

Please click on the product to see more details, and more tech specs can be found on their site

side pull foto 2
vertical pull pool gate lock


It only takes 30 seconds for a child to drown….in silence