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Glass and Marine grade Stainless steel/Inox Posts

These are the most popular fences as they are virtually maintenance free, and do not impinge on the visual aesthetics of the pool.
The posts and glass mounts are made of best quality marine grade 316 steel, thus reducing spotting or marking.

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The posts can be set into terraces, or bolted on, and also into garden areas with a hidden concrete footing.

The look is stylish and modern. Glass can be plain ( laminated or toughened 8mm or 10 mm) or even shaded or coloured.

Some fences have a stripe of smoked glass running along them to prevent children and birds from crashing into them.

Maintenance Free

In garden areas, where sprinklers may spray them, they will need a good hosing occasionally, depending on how hard your water is. And once a year the posts need sponging down with a cleaner, I use a ceramic hob cleaner for this. Otherwise they need no special care, and are used beside the sea, and in commercial centers and pools, due to their resistance to weather, chemicals and marking.

They can be satin or polished finish, the satin is more practical and shows less marks on exterior fences, but the polished looks good inside, in banisters or interior railings on mezzanines etc.


They can be fitted to wooden terraces if the wood is thick enough, but will usually require extra reinforcing on most wooden terraces, if possible through to the ground or cement below.
If they are fitted in areas exposed to the wind, we would use a 10mm glass and shorter panels, but normally 8mm glass and panel lengths up to 1m80 would be acceptable.
The finished height is 110 -115 cm, which is the legal minimum height.

The gates are made also with a stainless frame and heavy duty sprung hinges, to ensure automatic closing. The latches are always Magnalatch . These lock and bolt automatically every time the gate swings shut. They are shake proof and 'pull' proof for children, and offer the best security in the world. There are no moving parts to bend or jam, and they have been tested to 400,000 cycles in the labs in Australia, with zero failures, at which point they gave up testing I guess.. as it was boring.. and could have gone on forever!

Magna Latch ...........Top pull (short) .............Top Pull ( long).......... .................Side Pull.................................

.... ....

The glass is of course, breakable, and if something crashes against it, it will break. The hardened glass will shatter into shards, and the laminate will crack and stay in place, like the old windscreen glass. The panels are easily replaceable ( 4 screws) by any glass supplier.