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Glass Walls

Framless glass walls and fences

These can be laminated glass or toughened glass, either are suitable, and do not shatter easily. They are the least visually intrusive, and will not block any views.

Recently some panels have been requested with a thin 'stripe' along them in the middle, either in colour ( blue!) or the smoked glass effect, as sometimes children, and animals, in their excitement, can run into them..this helps their eyes to focus on them and avoid any problems.

Glass types

Usually, these fences or pool surrounds, will be made of the 12mm toughened glass, which is heat treated , as they are very difficult to break. They can break when hit on the edges, but very hard to crack when mounted and hit in the centre of the pane.

The Laminate glass, can also be used , and is two sheets of glass which are 'laminated' together with a plastic film, and therefore again, do not shatter, but crack and stay in place. They can crack with any direct blow, in any part, just like normal glass.

The usual thickness can be 8 or 10mm on both glass types, depending on height but 12 or even 14+mm can also be used if extra strength or wind resistance is required. These should not be used, without supports, in highly exposed areas subject to very strong winds .

The bottom fixings are either bolted or fitted into the ground, depending on the floor type. These are generally indicated for concrete and tile fixing, rather than into softer ground. The gate ( not shown)can have posts either side for rigidity and secure entry/childproof fittings and locks.

Panel size varies, but can be up to 2m long.

These are popular, but are also the most expensive per linear meter, from about 300 euros per meter, depending on glass thickness and bottom fixings.

New Product... glass supports for 12mm Glass fences. (Max GlassHeight 115cms) Marine Grade 316 Inox with screw base fixing.

glass support frameless. -----glass support 2 frameless

frameless glass ---frameless glass base