This depends very much on the size of the pool and the style of security you require, as examples,  standard level terrace fitting included, and without tax 23% approximately.
a) Aluminium or steel made to measure Fencing from €185 per meter
b) Steel Inox Framed /frameless glass from €250/300 per meter plus €550 per gate
c) Poolguard removable fence  approx €110 per metre plus €350 per gate
g) Mild steel from €240 per metre

Prices above do not include IVA @23%

This absolutely depends on your budget and style requirements. We will be happy to advise you on this.

At present there are no regulations for private pools. Thus, we do not know if netting will be accepted as a legal system here, it is in Spain, America and Australia,  but they have not issued the ruling yet. Removable  fencing is currently the cheapest option that will be legal.

50% on order, 50% on final fitting.

Depending on the system chosen, from 4-6 weeks usually, except August when the factories close. Each system is ordered to measure at present, although we hope to be able to carry stock in the near future.

This is included in the quote that you will be given once the system is chosen and we see what problems we may have in fitting.

This again depends on when the regulation is issued, published and put into ‘law’ by the local councils. We expected this to be in force by April 2009…but so far nothing has been issued.

We offer the guarantees on materials and finishing as per the various types of systems and their manufacturers. In Portugal there is a standard two year guarantee on all commercial products, in terms of quality and materials. We can never guarantee 100% safety, as the use of the product chosen, will vary for each user. When fitted you will be given instructions as to how to use the system you choose.

Daisy covers have a factory (pro-rata) warranty of 8 years when properly used. This means using the supplied UV cover when rolled up. 10 years if fitted by us.

Removable fences are UV resistant for 5+years and the posts have a 5 year guarantee on anodisation.

The removable fences have a Spanish test certificate from the official government test laboratory.

Worldwide, we have to say that apart from adult supervision, fencing is the best solution. If the gate mechanism is self locking and childproof, and there is no way that a child can access the pool , climb over or under the fence, then this is the best system. 

Alarms have been proven to be inefficient,  and subject to false alarms battery problems and failures,

Then a fence may be the only solution. we usually try to not surround the pool with a fence, but cut across a garden/terrace , so as to  make a box on 2 or 3 sides.

Again, fencing should cover this problem

Not at present under current laws, but if you have small children, then it would be a good idea to cover this with a special pond net. For a large pond, then a pool net would be used as it is more sturdy.

Any rental property should have this, or you may be liable if there is an accident, not under Portuguese law, but EU travel agents, managers etc may be liable under the rules of the country that the booking was made from.The EU rules that ‘commercial’ pools must be safe, so any rental house could legally be argued to be this.

Not at present, but it will probably come into law in the future.. as in Australia and France, first the rental properties, then the private houses. Even if you don’t rent, you may still have children visiting, so it is a good idea for everyone.

Bubble covers and removable fences take about a day to fit , with two men, Other fences and covers vary as to the complexity of the job. 

We need access to electricity and water onsite to fit.

Usually glass fences take 1-2 days.

If it is separate to the main pool, and outside a fenced area, then yes.

Mesh Fencing