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Colonial Style Mild steel fences


The Colonial style, traditional type fencing is a mild steel frame and posts, powder coated to be weather resistant. It has panels of approx 1m50 width, and a height of 1m25, when fitted to ground level. The gates are fitted with magna latch childproof locks and trueclose sprung hinges.

These fences are currently available in dark brown. Green and other colours are available as a special order with an approximate 10% increment in the prices (depending on colour).

The fences blend in very well with garden areas and hedges, and are not visually intrusive. They also suit traditional style houses and farmhouses. They can follow curves and corners, and can be stepped up or down for varying levels.

They can be fitted into gardens and flowerbeds, (with a cement footing) or cored into terrace areas.


Fence design standards

Here is a design with a summary of the legal requirements for a fence section to comply with the current regulations. This will probably be the Portugal/ EU standard when the regulations are issued, although they may opt for a minimum height of 1.15m.

Other standards are strength and flexibility, resistance to bending and crushing, as well as the supporting pillars and connections between panels.

The basis of all these, is that a 5 year old child should not be able to climb over the fence using any protrusions,supports or horizontal bars and/or re-enforcing struts.