So the whole basis of marriage, then as now, was by mutual agreement between the two peoples. Although the two seem to reach some sort of mutual agreement, the relationship is still strained. A business transaction cannot be concluded without a “mutual agreement”. “A mutual agreement between the two of us,” he said. It will continue to be applied by mutual agreement between the playing countries. By mutual agreement, they stopped at the next safe place and started a fire. By mutual agreement, each party had brought only two cars. According to the agreement, the collection of household waste is considered an interaction by mutual agreement. By mutual agreement, he left Kansas again. However, the relationship ended in October 2011 by mutual agreement. By mutual agreement, he spent much of the 2012/13 season away from the team while still under contract.

It seems that some kind of mutual agreement is being sought. It usually meets once a year, with the date, place and programme to be determined by mutual agreement. Please note that the most interesting applications, as well as the answers of the editors, can be published on the website, which contains information about the author of the question (we use exactly the signature placed in the application without revealing the email address); we reserve the right to obtain abbreviations or necessary corrections. The submission of an application is equivalent to consent to its publication on the website. Please read the website`s privacy policy at the same time. Make sure you have entered the correct email address and fill in all the fields. It normally meets once a year, the date, place and programme being determined by mutual agreement between the parties. Classically, garbage collection is considered an interaction based on mutual agreements.

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