Some managers with an associate degree in business administration run a department such as finance or sales. An account manager is the person who manages certain customer accounts to ensure that the company takes good care of the customer or customer. They will cover all aspects of specific customers, especially those who spend millions of dollars each year on the company`s services. The median salary of an account manager is $64,600. If communication and planning are your strengths, then an administrative assistant could be a great career that matches a business partner`s degree. Administrative assistants do just about anything for their employers. Some positions you can take with your Associate degree in Business Administration are: Not only are there more jobs you can get with an associate degree, but you will usually earn a higher income. In 2018, associate degree holders earned an average of $6,864 more per year than those with only one high school diploma, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).3 An associate degree in business administration can lead to jobs with an above-average rate of pay. Graduation leads to different types of business careers, as everyone is affected by the business field. Whether it`s a Fortune 500 company or a small local shop that sells clothing, a business degree is essential for many career paths.

In human resources, individuals with associate degrees and some experience can access the role of human resources manager. A Business Administration Associate degree can be the stepping stone to a lucrative career that helps employees understand their benefits and is the link between employees and senior management. The career forecasts an average income of about $117,080, depending on the long experience and the company. Some hiring managers may earn more or less. In addition to an Associate Degree in Business Administration, there are certificates that can help advance graduates in the field of human resources as well as those from certain associations. The Society of Human Resource Management is a good place to start. However, that doesn`t mean you just have to look for a job once you`ve earned your associate degree. It`s still undeniable that graduate school after your employee`s degree in business administration can qualify you for higher-paying jobs. Yes, earning your Associate degree in Business Administration can be worth your time and effort. Earning your Business Associate degree can open up many opportunities. Getting an entry-level job can help you enter the door to a long-term career. If business administration is your game, you`re probably wondering what types of courses, training, and skills you`re going to acquire from an associate`s degree.

Average salaries depend on your degree, work experience, job performance, industry, and location. With minimal investment of time and money, an Associate degree in Business Administration can provide you with a wide range of job opportunities. Is a Business Associate degree worth anything? One of the benefits of earning your employee in business administration is that it usually only takes 2 years. Two-thirds of all associate graduates have completed their education through financial support programs. You can do the same by applying for various scholarships, scholarships, study and work programs or internships. Formal education can help you gain the business skills and know-how needed for a variety of careers in the field. So it`s no wonder you`re considering going back to school to study business management. But you`re not quite sure if you`re interested in hiring up to four years to get a bachelor`s degree. Look for an accredited business school and enroll in an associate program – this may be one of the best decisions you`ll make in your career. The holder of an associate degree, regardless of their discipline, can have a considerable advantage over someone who has only a high school diploma.

A bachelor`s degree, on the other hand, may be better, but not everyone can afford to invest four or more years of money in education. Many love finance, but no one needs it more than business leaders and entrepreneurs. This course typically lasts 50 hours and covers a variety of topics, including corporate finance and financial management. Yes, a business associate degree is definitely worth something. At first, you`ll likely earn less than those with a bachelor`s degree, but getting a job two years earlier has its advantages. Business management is an evergreen degree that can help you gain the skills and knowledge that businesses always need. .