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8X4M POOLS €825 - 10 X 5M €950 - ROLLERS €585

NOW 525 Microns! The best available.

8 years factory pro-rata warranty on covers, 10 years on rollers.

FYI the first cover I fitted 8 years ago.. is still in very good condition..and should be OK for another two or three years...but, the owner has treated it properly, and kept it covered when rolled up, and is careful with chlorine balances, and it is used most of the year except July August and partly September. for full info and tech specs.

Algarve 500 micron pool cover 8 year warranty

Does your old cover look like this? Fix it for 8 years !

These covers are marginally more expensive than the standard bubble covers in use, however the annual cost is considerably less ( roughly half ), in the long run, as their expected life is almost double that of the normal covers. The manufacturer warranties the life for 8 years, and he has told me that he expects 10 years out of a properly maintained cover and pool ( ie the rolled up bubble sheet to be covered when not in use, and with normal Ph and chlorine levels).


Rectangular, roman steps, hidden rollers, and kidney pools are possible. horizon pools are possible in many cases, overflow pools can be covered but will need elastic strapping.


500 micron pool bubble covers have been an ongoing problem for me as a house manager, I have been fitting roller covers now for over twenty years in my own and managed properties, and have always wondered why someone didn't produce a cover that lasted more than three or four seasons, even when properly stored and covered.... The bubbles rot and come off the bottom, see the cover on the left, with classic rotted 'stripes' caused by being rolled up without a cover. Now I think I have found one that is so much better!

The new ultradome 500 micron cover has been designed to have an even thickness of plastic throughout, eliminating those annoying little disks which pop off the bubbles after a few seasons, even when the cover is properly stored. It is also designed for Australian High UV levels, whereas many of the UK blankets are not. This new cover can be seen to improve the quality, and manufacturing system, and even visually, from the samples, I can see the idea will work.

The manufacturer warranties 8 years on this, and when I contacted them about the UV in the Algarve, has told me that in Western Australia where they were tested and produced, the UV is even higher than here. On checking, he is correct.He also told me that the reason the covers here, start to split off the top of the bubbles, is, as per the illustration, due to the manufacturing process and thin 'corner' sections.. makes sense doesn't it!


Also the main reason the plastic eventually becomes brittle and breaks, is not just the UV, but the chlorine build up under the blanket.. also logical... see below...

Taken from the Daisy Pools Website

Why does my cover disintegrate after only three or four seasons?

The impact of Chlorine
Pool chemicals - although essential for sanitation - are highly corrosive.
Whether you have a salt water pool or not - any pool that is chemically sanitised uses Chlorine as the disinfectant.
Molecular Chlorine (Cl2) is a highly corrosive greenish-yellow gas with an irritating odour.
In whatever form Chlorine is added to the water, or produced by a salt water chlorinator - it eventually returns to its natural state as a gas and escapes.
However, when a pool cover is in use it cannot simply disperse into the atmosphere. It is trapped immediately below the blanket. This area is also heated t by the sun - increasing Chlorine transfer from the water - at a high temperature.

These factors combine to create extreme conditions that are likely to increase blanket degradation.
Dome Solar Pool Blankets combat potential degradation in the following ways:
• Dome bubble profile creates an even, thicker bottom layer with no weak points
• Dome material contains maximum UV absorbers, quenchers and stabilisers
• Dome material also contains tougheners to minimise the effect of solar and chemical degradation
How do Dome blankets insulate against heat loss?
The Dome bubble profile results in a total insulating air layer to almost the entire bubble depth.

from the daisy site.... link to to see all tech specs and details.. plus the reasons that you NEED one of these covers.


"Hi Alistair ,Thank you for calling round today .Just to say that our pool cover is still in full working order
after 6 Years service .So congratulations on that !Ray Dxxxxx 11xx Vale do Lobo

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