Algarve pool security fencing, covers, pool safety, removeable fences
Algarve Portugal pool safety, pool security, access to swimming pool, fences, barriers, gates, legislation

swimming pools, fencing, gates, access barriers, child safety, pool safety

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About us

our mission

To reduce the number of pool related drownings and accidents in the Algarve

Every year there are between 6 and 10, water related drownings in Portugal, and about 10 times as many hospitalised, 'close calls' which result in lung infection, brain damage and lifelong problems for the children involved.
(from APSI statistics)

Poolsafe was set up due to the requests of several,forward thinking property owners, who asked for swimming pool security fencing for their children and grandchildren.

Alistair MacGregor, the owner/director, who has lived, managed property, and grown up in the Algarve since 1964, also lived in Australia for a number of years, where pool fencing is mandatory in all pools, private and public. He had his daughter twice fall into his own unsupervised pool, luckily without incident, but when a friends child died in a pool accident in Albufeira, he decided to make his own pool secure. On trying to find secure fencing here, he realised that there was no-one to supply any type of certified fencing in the Algarve, where he manages several properties in the Albufeira area.

This, coupled with the knowledge that pool legislation was inevitable, due to the number of accidents annually, resulted in the formation of POOLSAFE in 2008. This was the first supplier in the Algarve of this type, as prior to this, fences and gates had been fitted, but not to any standards or regulations. We now supply and fit several types of fencing, both permamnent and removeable, to the French AFNOR standards.

We also supply items to owners, builders and architects, such as latches and gates, to enable them to make pools safer, as this can easily be done at the building stage of any property, and, will soon be required as part of the planning process for any new properties, indeed, some camara architects are already asking for this to be included in the plans, despite the lack of formal legislation or standards.
The company also deals in several ancilliary products, such as the new 500 micron bubble covers, the first on the market to warranty an 8 year life cycle, anti slip treatments for tiled areas, and wrist and gate alarms for children .
If you have a query or technical question, please call Alistair on 289 591 662 during office hours

We would usually visit you ( free!) onsite to establish your needs and requirements, and then offer you suggestions and a quote for the security of your pool.



Our Office and workshop is located just west of Albufeira, near the Salgados golf course, where we have several types and samples of the systems that we currently install. We are next to which is our sister operation. See the contact us page for directions and location of the office.