Algarve Swimming pool safety systems, fences, enclosures, netting.

Algarve pool security fencing, covers, pool safety, removeable fences
Algarve Portugal pool safety, pool security, access to swimming pool, fences, barriers, gates, legislation

swimming pools, fencing, gates, access barriers, child safety, pool safety

Office Albufeira West ( Salgados/Gale), Open Mon-Sat 09.00-12.30hrs Mon - Fri 14.00-17.30hrs - email supplies and fits security fences and gates for Algarve pools.
We have been working in the Algarve since 1972, and fitting fences and pool covers since 2007.


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Delux VDL villa ( it's for sale!). We fitted removable poolguard along the wooden terrace area to the overflow edge.

Standard Poolguard fence and gate White

We supply several types of fences, fixed and removable, steel, polypropylene mesh, iron, wrought iron to your design, and stainless steel and glass, or plain glass. We can also fit wood and glass. We do NOT use acrylic Panels ...see why here

We supply gates ( only, or with fences), fitted with the worldwide renowned Magna Latches, and Locklatch hinges, designed for lifelong security for children and pools. We are the exclusive agent in Portugal for these.

We also supply 500micron roller bubble covers for solar heat retention,( the only one with an 8 year warranty) . Australian Ultradome Daisy covers are the best on the market, the only ones which will withstand the Algarve sun and UV for 8 years, and we are the exclusive agents for these.

Security pool fencing is important

glass fence frameless

We have fitted dozens of fences of all types since we started this part of our operation in 2007. Grandparents ( usually!) and parents ( sometimes...), and villa owners all across the Algarve, have fitted security fences on their pools for rental and family occupation.

Many rental agents in Europe have listed 'gated' pools separately , as they have become very sought after in the last few years.

Legislation in Portugal is lacking as yet, and although under study, has not been pushed forward as yet due to other 'political considerations' , and the budgetary crisis. France is currently the only EU country with fully specified standards set in place. And we work to these standards. However, common sense dictates that pools, especially in rental accommodation, should be secured.

The saddest statistic is that 12 children ( under 12yrs) , were lost in 2011, and since then a similar number annually, in water related accidents, many many more, have suffered close calls, many of these, had, and will have, life long health problems ranging from respiratory infections to brain damage.

Daisy Pool covers are a must for pool owners.

Why? are just some reasons...

  • They retain solar heat, reducing pool heating costs by a large margin.
  • They extend the swimming season of unheated pools by up to 10 weeks per year, thus improving rental possibilities.
  • They reduce evaporation during summer periods, saving up to 150 m/3 per day depending on pool size.
  • They help keep volatile chenicals from evaporating, thus saving costs.

They have a unique factory warranty of 8 years if the UV cover is used correctly.

We have been fitting these now for six+ years, and the condition of the fist cover fitted is still perfectly stable. Other cheaper covers have started to shell off bubble caps and become crackly.

NB These covers are not for security, only heat retention, and would not prevent any access to the pool for young children.

We can supply replacement winders for solarsafe pools ( Peter Read) who has, sadly, ceased trading .

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